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people about their economy and it's likely they will say jobs. one showing unemployment down and hiring up. at the boxing room just before the dinner rush executive chef simeno posted a want ad. he did not think he would get applications until a couple of days. >> it usually takes a couple of days. >> the unemployment rate has come down from 10% to 7-1/2%. >> reporter: the economy has added 3.5 million jobs. private companies hired 158,000 people. tomorrow's more extensive job report could sway soft voters just days before the election. >> it's a very close race, in a close race anything might push it one way or another. >> reporter: both parties will be prepared to spin the job's numbers. >> if you get a job's number under 100,000 the republicans will say see the economy is in real trouble. if you get a jobs number under $150,000, i think the democrats will be in recently good shape. >> reporter: and that jobs report will be back under four hours, four days before the recession. >>> more details now that jobs report helped power the jobs report. nasdaq rose 42 to close back over the
the economy has added jobs for 25 straight months. >>> those unemployment numbers are providing ammunition for both presidential candidates. in two minutes how both sides are spinning the numbers on their final push on the campaign trail. >>> you're in for a beautiful weekend. i'll show you just how warm it will get where you live. >> the woman who took >>> tonight is first friday in oakland, the event started seven years ago. each month first friday seems to be getting bigger to the point that police are shutting down streets. many who came out tell us that the city needs first fridays especially as it deals with more crime. tonight religious leaders and community members hit the street offering help and a plea to stop the rising violence. eric rasmussen live in oakland where who they are trying to reach, eric. >> reporter: frank they want to talk to both potential victims and perpetrators of crime. everyone who volunteered out here got one of these cards with the three reasons they're out there tonight, they say they care, they want the violence to stop, and they want to know how they c
building switched over to rental units after the economy fell. >>> we've got a little bit of fog showing up along the coast. it was dense this morning and will be dense tomorrow. this doesn't mean social security -- this doesn't mean it's just going to be there. there could be delays because you have the combination of coastal fog and valley fog showing up. that's a tough one because it clogs up the work. tomorrow morning a lot like today be prepared for slow going. especially in the east bay. morning lows will be in the upper 40s. when i come back at 10:45 we're going straight to wednesday because it's the parade, a chance of rain and halloween, there's a chance of rain. i'll let you know when that all happens. >> jury selection in the case of a bayy principal under fire. >> i feel a tremendous weight has been lifted. >> how long her killer %blñwó >>> prosecutors said she was obsessed and this afternoon an alameda county jury of six women and six men returned a guilty verdict on the closely watched trial of esteban. the union city woman now faces up to 25 years in prison for killing nur
the debt. >> reporter: the economy and the way its shaped is quite critical but it does not mean that they don't have an opinion about what is happening overseas. >> you have osama bin laden though, right. >> well, so what. i mean so he got osama bin laden. >> it's not easy, it's not easy you see what's going on in the middle east. that transition is going to take decades. but we've started it. >> reporter: they are seven men from which we polled. how many of you are going to vote for romney? >> reporter: three raised their hands for romney, three for obama and one undecided. >> to me that's what makes this country. >> reporter: a country that allows its people to vote for its leader. a country where every vote counts for every candidate. >> reporter: are you going to give romney the chance? >> i can't give him a chance. >> reporter: whether it's a swing state, a red state or a blue state the obama-romney debate is cooking in diners like this one across america. >> so if you kill business what kind of government do you have? you have a broke government. >> i know these guys keep
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4